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Week of 6/7: Chocolate Walnut & Coconut Instant Oats

Week of 6/7: Chocolate Walnut & Coconut Instant Oats

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*This meal is served in a mason jar, if you return your clean jar & lid, you will receive a $1 deposit refund*

Ok guys, everything you love about instant oatmeal packs, but with none of the added sugars or preservatives! Add in hot water or your choice of warm milk, stir, put the lid on, let sit for 10 minutes while you finish your morning routine, stir, and eat!

Hot oatmeal is so good for you! It helps keep you full longer, packs a ton of fiber, fights belly fat, promotes digestion, feeds the good bacteria in your gut microbiome, and warms you up! This week we are trying out our chocolate protein and shredded coconut jar, which packs a ton of micronutrients. No need to re-heat, store these jars in the pantry until you're ready for them! We added in egg whites to help get that protein count up! Enjoy!

Delivery Sunday the 7th
*Gluten Free *Dairy Free *CONTAINS EGGS*
Calories: 276, Fat: 5g, Carbs: 28g, Protein: 28g


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